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Alterations & Tailoring

Working as your in-house seamstress for Posh Bridal, we are happy to provide our alterations services to you and your bridal party. Our talented team of specialists will meet conveniently with you at Posh Bridal and walk you through the alterations that you will need. Below is a brief over view of the alterations process. 

Bridal Alterations

We start your alterations approximately 14 weeks before your wedding date. On average you will have 2 total appointments with your last appointment being 4 weeks prior to your wedding date. Should you require more appointments we will gladly schedule them on an as needed bases.

If you purchased your dress from Posh Bridal you already know your dress was placed into a tier system to determine the starting price for the standard alterations needed for the dress. 

Our Standard alterations include: Front Hem, Bustle, Cups & Side Seam Alterations from under the arm through the natural waist of the dress. If you need any other alterations above and beyond what is included in the list above, it will be in addition to the starting price. 

(Bridal Rush fees will be incurred with less than 6 weeks working time)

(A Super Rush fee will be incurred with less than 4 weeks working time)

Wedding Party Alterations:

We like to start your alterations 6-8 weeks prior to the event date. On average you will have a total of 2 appointments.

Alterations very depending on dress and alterations needed. Most bridal party alterations start around $75.

(Bridal Party rush fees will be incurred with less than 2 weeks working time.)

What happens at each fitting?

At your first fitting, we will discuss the fit of the dress and the alterations you want done. We will pin your gown and, if applicable, measure you for any semi custom projects you need.  

At your second fitting, we will see the adjustments that have been made to your gown, and further tailor your dress, if necessary.  Because some projects require that beading, lace, or other detail is removed or adjusted to allow work on your gown, these details will remain unfinished until we are certain the fit is proper; this saves time in tailoring, saves you money in alterations, and allows for a perfect fit for your final fitting.

At your third fitting, your dress will be ready to take home with you*.  Beading, lace, and other details are finished, and the gown fits the way it will on your wedding (or portrait) day.

*In some cases, a fourth fitting is necessary.  I find this to be the case for one of three reasons:

  1. You need to add sleeves or decorative straps (and the first fitting becomes a sort of 'consultation' for that particular alteration),

  2. You are having your veil, jacket, sash, belt, or other accessory made by Chapel and Court, or

  3. You are needing a reconstruct or semi-custom alteration.

In any case, we would know at the first fitting if a fourth fitting is necessary, and would schedule that fitting accordingly.

How soon may I schedule a fitting?

We book up quite far in advance--typically 3-4 months out for first fittings.  Even if you do not wish to begin your fittings right away, it is wise to get on the calendar now for fittings in the future, based on target weight goals, ordered dress arrival dates, etc. Call your Bridal Shop to book your appointment:


What types of payment do you accept?

 Posh Bridal accept all forms of payment. 

When should I begin my fittings?

We find that brides prefer one of two things: either they want to schedule fittings early to get things started right away, or they want to wait until closer to the wedding (or portrait) date to allow for weight loss or fitness program results, or simply due to work or school schedules.

Generally speaking, you can expect the fittings to span the course of about 8 to 12 weeks, from first fitting to final fitting. If we have less than 6 weeks working time we will charge a rush fee to move your alterations ahead of other brides. We prefer that you are at your goal weight before beginning, but will not recharge you to take in a seam during the second fitting. After we restore the beading and lace however we may charge at our discretion


When should I schedule my fittings?

Please allow at least three (3) weeks between each fitting, minimum. Some brides prefer to meet every month, some every few months, and in some cases We can accommodate fittings every two weeks, but we prefer to have three weeks or more between fittings.  If you want to wait until the latest practical time to begin fittings and are unsure how to plan for that, it is good to know that we prefer final fittings to occur no sooner than two (2) weeks prior to your first wear date .

For those who want to wait as long as possible to begin fittings, please schedule your fittings accordingly: your third fitting should be two (2) weeks prior to your first wear date (three weeks is just fine, too!), your second fitting three (3) weeks prior to that, and your first fitting three (3) weeks prior to that, as well.

You should be at your target weight or shape at your second wedding gown fitting. After this point, changes to your body that effect the fit of your dress are subject to additional charges.  Exceptions will be made for those with medical considerations--if this applies to you, please contact me via email or phone to discuss your specific needs, and we will certainly make a plan!

Do you charge for fittings?

No.  Fittings and consultations are complimentary. We will not pin however until we know you intend on using our services. 

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